How Can You Tell if You Got Good Quality Weed?

The pinnacle question for stoners and first-time smokers alike is how to tell if you got good weed? Sussing out whether your weed is of high-calibre quality or not can be a difficult task. Furthermore, a weed that’s of disastrously poor-quality like those that are laced with fentanyl or synthetic can even cause death. Identifying good weed from bad weed is a must-have skill.

One of the first things to look for in determining good weed is crystals also known as trichomes. Crystals are a very good indicator of THC concentration, the chemical compound responsible for marijuana’s quintessential “high” feeling. The color of the weed dispensary is also another good indicator of it’s quality. Good marijuana’s color should be green with some orange maybe even purple, but never brown. If your weed is brown, that’s a strong indicator of bad weed. Brown coloring means it could possibly contain mold, pesticides or other very harmful chemicals. Orange hairs in your weed are typically strong indications that the cannabis plant your marijuana came from was mature and well pollinated. This is usually an indicator of good weed. Many people wonder what marijuana should feel like. Should it be wet? Dry? The answer is somewhere in the middle. Your weed should stick to your fingers, but not be dripping wet. It shouldn’t be so dry that it just breaks apart in your hands without you trying to break it up. If you store your weed properly, you can stop it from drying out thereby lasting longer and maintaining a higher quality.

While marijuana does require some sticks just to keep the bud together, there shouldn’t be a surplus amount. An indicator of bad weed is seeds. Your cannabis should smell strong. You should be able to smell it through the bag. If you can’t, that’s usually an indicator of old, poor-quality or even synthetic marijuana. Bad marijuana typically smells something like hay and should be avoided.

One of the best indicators for good or bad marijuana is how it makes you feel. Asking friends about specific dispensaries and specific strains can give you an idea of what to go for. Buying from a medical or recreational dispensary is a good way to ensure you receive good quality. Talking to your budtender about what you’re hoping to get out of your weed be it using it to get to sleep, reduce anxiety or just for fun, can help your budtender identify the right strain for you as well.