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Whether you want edible or pre-rolled products, Sun Valley Caregivers has it all. From vape pens to flowers, oils, dabs and shatter of the highest quality. There are plenty of ways to enjoy cannabis, but if you’d rather keep it traditional, we also stock up on many different cannabis strains and concentrates, including Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. We back 100% of our products and wouldn’t sell you something we don’t truly enjoy ourselves.

Rest assured that we will always have the latest and greatest cannabis products as Sun Valley Caregivers strives to give you the best experience.


Referring to cannabis in its cured plant form, flower is the dense collection of flowers at the top of the cannabis plant. Due to its versatility, it offers multiple consumption methods. Smoke it, roll it, put it in a joint, blunt, bong—the list is endless.

Sun Valley Caregivers offers pre-rolls, joints, blunts, and more in numerous sizes. It’s important to note the proper way to store flower.


Off-the-shelf and ready for use, infused pre-rolls, joints, blunts, blends of indica, sativa, hybrid strains, and CBD, the options are endless with pre-rolls. Perfect for convenience, pre-rolls require no work on your end, just light up and enjoy!

Pre-rolls also make a great experience for first-time users. Rolling your own joints can be a daunting task, but with Sun Valley Caregivers wide selection of pre-rolls, you’re guaranteed to find the right pre-roll for you.


One of the more popular and go-to methods, vapes have become an easy and stress-free way to consume marijuana. Vapes utilize vaporization to activate cannabinoids, a less harsh method of consumption compared to the typical smoking approaches and are far more convenient and discreet.

By heating cannabis to temperatures below its combustion point, the vapes produce a vapor that is then inhaled. There’s an abundance of vape styles including pens, cartridges and more accessories that can be found at Sun Valley Caregivers. You can also vape CBD!


Often used as interchangeable terms, extracts are made using solvents, which chemically extract the THC and or it’s components, while concentrates are made through mechanical processes that isolate resin heads. It really comes down to the way the product was made.

Steadily gaining popularity for recreational and medical marijuana users, concentrates have a much higher THC potency. Shatter, wax, crumble, and rosin are among the most common types of concentrates used. There’s a concentrate and extract for every marijuana users experience level. Explore the number of ways to use them at Sun Valley Caregivers!


Cannabis-infused topicals are the latest trend in marijuana consumption. Lotions, balms, oils, salves, sprays, lubricants, and more are absorbed through the skin for localized pain relief, inflammation, and soreness. The non-intoxicating method provides a therapeutic benefit sans high.

By binding to cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body, topical cannabis penetrates the skin and can provide a wide spectrum of potential benefits beyond pain relief, including managing skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and itching. Some topicals also tackle headaches, cramping, and joint pain.


At Sun Valley Caregivers, you’ll find a wide variety of edibles, a.k.a. food and drink items made with cannabis. Whether it be baked goods, candy, brownies, beverages, cooking oil, gummies, mints, cannabis-infused edibles is just one of many consumption methods.

Absorbed through the digestive system, edible effects can take hours to set in and potency will gradually increase. The delayed onset often results in 4-6 hours of duration in regards to the effects. Potency is also measured differently than flowers and concentrates, as the percentage of cannabinoid strength is indicated by the milligrams of cannabinoids contained in the product.


Looking into ingesting cannabis, but aren’t interested in edibles? Tinctures and capsules are just the place to look. Unlike inhalation, ingesting cannabis doesn’t irritate the respiratory system. Ingested cannabis can provide a heavier effect than inhalation as well. Tinctures and capsules allow for convenient, discreet and accurate dosing.

Cannabis oil capsules are taken orally and swallowed, exactly like any other pill, while tinctures are taken sublingually—placing drops of oil under the tongue with a dropper. Tinctures can also be used to drop oil onto food or into beverages.  The area under the tongue absorbs the oil differently than ingestion, going directly into the bloodstream in 10-20 minutes, similar to inhalation.


Similar to humans, CBD is safe and can benefit your pet’s life. Helping ease joint pain, and treat symptoms and conditions like seizures, arthritis, and anxiety in animals, there’s also plenty of delivery methods for giving your furry friends CBD.

While veterinarians cannot currently prescribe or recommend CBD for pets, it’s important to do thorough research into a product before giving it to your animal.