How Many States Have Legalized Marijuana?

A number of ballot initiatives were introduced in the run-up to 2012 to legalize cannabis, but none were successful. Success was eventually reached in 2012 when Washington and Colorado became the first two states to legalize marijuana. Several more states followed between 2014 and 2016, and Vermont became the first to legalize through a state legislature act in 2018. If it appears like a new state is legalizing cannabis almost every week, don’t worry, you’re not stoned – states are legalizing the substance at an unprecedented rate. The tide of green legislation does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Politicians in Washington D.C. must decide when –not if – they’ll abolish government prohibition once and for all, as most Americans desire. Several states are planning to legalize marijuana, either medically or recreationally. Except for the District of Columbia, all states and provinces that have legalized cannabis allow for its sale commercially. With the exception of Washington State and New Jersey, all states permit personal cultivation.

According to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, it is still illegal to consume cannabis on the federal level. However, the Food and Drug Administration has licensed certain derivative chemicals for prescription usage. This includes Marinol (THC), Syndros, Cesamet, and Epidiolex, all of which have FDA clearance cannabidiol). Cannabidiol produced from industrial hemp is lawful for non-prescription usage at the federal level, although legality and enforcement vary by state.

A 2013 Cole Memorandum directed the Justice Department to refrain from enforcing federal law in states that have legalized cannabis. Here are all 50 states that have legalized the use of cannabis.

  1. Alabama (Medically legal) 
  1. Alaska (Fully legal) 
  1. Arizona (Fully legal) 
  1. Arkansas (Medically legal) 
  1. California (Fully legal) 
  1. Colorado (Fully legal) 
  1. Connecticut (Fully legal) 
  1. Delaware (Medically legal) 
  1. Florida (Medically legal) 
  1. Georgia (Low-THC products medically legal) 
  1. Hawaii (Medically legal) 
  1. Idaho (Fully legal) 
  1. Illinois (Fully legal) 
  1. Indiana (Fully legal) 
  1. Iowa (CBD medically legal) 
  1. Kansas (Low-THC products medically legal) 
  1. Kentucky (CBD medically legal) 
  1. Louisiana (Medically legal) 
  1. Maine (Fully legal) 
  1. Maryland (Medically legal) 
  1. Massachusetts (Fully legal) 
  1. Michigan (Fully legal) 
  1. Minnesota (Medically legal) 
  1. Mississippi (Fully legal) 
  1. Missouri (Medically legal) 
  1. Montana (Fully legal) 
  1. Nebraska (THC Illegal) 
  1. Nevada (Fully legal) 
  1. New Hampshire (Medically legal) 
  1. Jersey (Fully legal) 
  1. New Mexico (Fully legal) 
  1. New York (Fully legal) 
  1. North Carolina (Low-THC products medically legal) 
  1. New Dakota (Medically legal) 
  1. Ohio (Medically legal) 
  1. Oklahoma (Medically legal) 
  1. Pennsylvania (Medically legal) 
  1. Rhode Island (Medically legal) 
  1. South Carolina (Medically legal) 
  1. South Dakota (Medically legal) 
  1. Tennessee (Low-THC Products Medically Legal) 
  1. Texas (Low-THC Products Medically Legal) 
  1. Utah (Medically legal) 
  1. Vermont (Fully legal) 
  1. Virginia (Fully legal) 
  1. Washington (Fully legal) 
  1. Washington DC (Fully legal) 
  1. West Virginia (Medically legal)
  1.  Wisconsin (Medically legal)
  1. Wyoming (CBD Medically Legal)
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