Perks of Shopping at Your Local Marijuana Dispensary

Taxes Many people don’t view taxes as a perk. In fact, the main thing many people don’t like about Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana is the taxes on pot. However it’s important to note that taxes aren’t just money that gets taken from you and then burned in the town square. Pot taxes go to things like roads, schools and infrastructure. Pueblo County in Colorado has given out six hundred scholarships funded from taxes on cannabis. Colorado as a whole has been able to give out millions in scholarships. California is a much bigger state with many more people and a bigger economy, imagine how many kids marijuana taxes could help go to college.

Quality Taxes on pot also help fund the regulatory bodies around it. While you may not like the Cannabis Control Commission and think that they’re creating too much red tape, control around cannabis, particularly quality control is a good thing for you, the consumer. Knowing what’s actually in the pot that you’re getting is a luxury not long enjoyed by tokers. To fund the organizations that assess a dispensaries quality of cannabis, the organization must be funded through taxes.

Supporting Local Businesses Like paying taxes, supporting a local business like your local marijuana dispensary is a great way to help encourage jobs and growth in your community. It may not seem like a big deal, but going to a local dispensary instead of buying from a dealer or a larger cannabis company helps money and jobs stay in your community. Local dispensaries are also less about just making money and more about serving the customer. This means that they typically charge lower prices and will have friendlier, more personable staff, which brings us to the next reason to shop at your local marijuana dispensary.

Friendly Staff Or budtenders as they’re sometimes known. The staff at your local marijuana dispensary can be the best part of going there. They can help get a feel of what you’re looking for and what type of strain or cannabis-based product would be best for you. When the staff at your local dispensary get to know you, they can help you discern which products are best geared to your desired end results whether it be pain management, just relaxing or smoking a fun Sativa, a good budtender can guide you to the right choice for you.