Understanding Marijuana Pre-Rolls: A Guide

Marijuana pre-rolls have been getting increasingly popular with each passing year.

Marijuana pre-rolls—short for pre-rolled joints (and to a lesser degree, pre-rolled blunts)—are one of the most popular items at Sun Valley Caregivers, and it’s quite easy to understand why. While some enjoy the process of buying rolling papers, grinding up the flower, and rolling up their weed themselves, it’s not for everyone. For the majority of people, pre-rolls are the preferred option because they allow you to get right to the best part—sparking up and enjoying the weed.

At our state-of-the-art dispensary in Los Angeles, we have over 50 different types of pre-rolls available for purchase. While having numerous options is always good, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision. This is especially true considering the ever-increasing variety of pre-rolls that the top cannabis companies are introducing. Beyond the different indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-rolls, people should also consider the sizes and ingredients of pre-rolls. To help people learn about all of the different marijuana pre-rolls that are available, we’ve put together this helpful guide. 

The Different Sizes and Amounts of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls come in a wide range of sizes. Historically, one-gram pre-rolls have been the most common size, but half-gram pre-rolls have also been gaining popularity as of late. In recent months, marijuana pre-rolls have also been introduced in 0.4-gram, 0.75-gram, 1.5-gram, and 2-gram sizes. Some pre-rolls contain only one in each package, while others are multi-packs. For example, one package that includes five half-gram pre-rolls. 

Infused VS Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

Everyone has different preferences, and Sun Valley Caregivers proudly carries both infused and non-infused pre-rolls to serve everyone’s needs. Traditional pre-rolls feature only ground flower. Infused pre-rolls, on the other hand, also include distillate oil and kief in addition to flower. These additions make the effects of infused pre-rolls significantly stronger than pre-rolls that contain cannabis flower exclusively. 

Pre-Roll Joints & Blunts

As mentioned previously, while pre-rolls most commonly refer to pre-roll joints, there are also pre-roll blunts as well. Though pre-roll blunts are a lot rarer, they are perfect for those who want to enjoy a blunt without having to worry about rolling it up. One example comes from Presidential, who offers a 1.5-gram Moon Rock blunt that consists of top-shelf flower infused with distillate and a kief coating.

Staff Favorites: Pre-Rolls

At Sun Valley Caregivers, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to recommend products that they enjoy. Below, we highlight some of our favorite marijuana pre-rolls that we have in stock at our dispensary in Los Angeles:

Fire OG XL Infused 2-Gram Pre-Roll by Jeeter: Since the company’s inception in 2018, Jeeter has quickly grown to become one of the premier cannabis pre-roll brands. At Sun Valley Caregivers, we carry a full selection of Jeeter pre-rolls, including the Baby Jeeters (5 0.5-gram pre-rolls), as well as the larger, individual 1-gram pre-rolls, and the 2-gram Jeeter XL featured here. We loved a good OG, and Jeeter hit it out of the park with this Fire OG Infused pre-roll. It features top-shelf cannabis, along with distillate oil and kief. This Jeeter pre-roll is also available as Baby Jeeters and in a 1-gram amount. We prefer the 2-gram version because it’s perfect when you’re hanging out with friends. 

0.75-Gram Cereal Milk Pre-Roll by Cannabiotix: The world-famous, highly sought-after Cereal Milk strain from Cannabiotix is always a good choice, especially as a pre-roll. Because it’s a hybrid strain, it’s ideal for daytime or nighttime use, and the taste is truly spectacular. Share this 0.75-gram pre-roll with a friend, or enjoy it all to yourself—it’s certainly easy to. 

Blue Dream 14-Pack 0.5-Gram Pre-Rolls by Pacific Stone: Some people exclusively purchase and smoke pre-rolls, and this 14-pack of pure-flower, 0.5-gram joints by Pacific Stone is perfect for those people. No more constant trips to the dispensary to purchase pre-rolls—this mega-pack has you covered. As far as strains, we love the Blue Dream from Pacific Stone. The all-time classic strain is done perfectly by this family-owned, California-based brand. 

Without question, pre-rolls are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy cannabis. By learning a little more about all of the different types of pre-rolls that are available at Sun Valley Caregivers, you will make a purchase that is perfect for you. Order online or stop by our weed dispensary in Los Angeles today to shop the best pre-rolls available in LA.