Understanding Prop 64

What is Proposition 64?

Proposition 64 in California

Proposition 64, or as it is formally declared, The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a legal proposition enacted in 2016 which made the recreational use of marijuana legal in the state of California. It is a law exclusive to California and other states and territories within the U.S. and under U.S. law have their own laws regarding marijuana use. As the popularization of medicinal marijuana grows, as does the legal use of recreational marijuana. The state of California has taken this in stride and legalized the use of recreational marijuana with some restrictions. These restrictions, however, are for the benefit of the community and do not infringe upon the right to use recreational marijuana as is desired by the consumer.

Regulations and Restrictions

The first and most important restriction is that in order to use recreational marijuana legally the person using cannabis must be of the age of 21 or older. It is proven that he effects of marijuana on a developing brain can be damaging to neurological and psychological health and so is best suited for adults only. Driving while under the influence of marijuana, much like the law regarding driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. No one is legally allowed to drive under the influence of marijuana even in California where recreational and medical weed is legal as it is deemed unsafe and a threat to the life of the driver and those in close proximity. There are also regulations on the amount of weed which a consumer is allowed to have in his or her possession which is why one might consider buying from a dispensary as opposed to attempting to grow a stash in the privacy of his or her home.

Why Sun Valley Caregivers is Pro Prop 64

Freedom and Absence of Judgement

Sun Valley Caregivers is a dispensary which distributes California’s legal weed for both recreational and medical purposes. Sun Valley Caregivers understands the freedom people feel is needed of the policies regarding certain controlled substances and stands for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. While SVC has always sold medical weed, after the 2016 decision which made recreational marijuana in California legal, Sun Valley Caregivers decided to also offer recreational marijuana to its customers. There is no judgement regarding the use of marijuana for whatever purpose one desires. Sun Valley Caregivers is a judgement free zone, however, that is not to say that their are great purposes for the use of recreational marijuana.

Purposes of Recreational Marijuana

Everyone reacts to certain substances in unique and individual ways. However, overall, marijuana has been proven to be helpful in the treatment of things like anxiety and depression and can even be used as a source of energy dependent on the species of marijuana that is bought. The strain which mellows out an individual and is often associated with relaxation is known as Sativa, and is a species best used for anxiety. As anxiety is often caused by extreme worry and stress, Sativa may help to ease the hyper-discomfort which derives from heightened worry and anxiety. Indica, the other well known strain of marijuana, is best for raising energy. This can be considered a great agent in the treatment of depression. Any sluggishness or loss of motivation, both common symptoms of depression can be combated with recreational marijuana. Though recreational marijuana is to be used without regard to either purpose, in reality, this reasoning is overall a thing to consider upon the purchase of marijuana from Sun Valley Caregivers.