7 Things to Know About Weed & Your Health

Whether considering using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, there are some critical things about weed and how it matters to your health to consider. Marijuana is a sensitive substance that has some crucial health implications. 

Even though the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes and legalized in some states, not many fully understand how weed works and what is at stake if it’s misused. Experts and research results reveal essential information about marijuana that users should know. 

This article will explain seven vital things to know about weed and in context with health. Let’s dive into it! 

#1 Marijuana May Relieve Anxiety & PTSD 

Marijuana offers a relaxing effect that can help with anxiety and PTSD. A 2016 paper in the Clinical Psychology Review journal said that weed might help those with PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. According to research documented in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, a small THC dose made people facing a public-speaking event more confident and less nervous. THC is a primary active compound found in weed. 

However, it notes that the dose was minimal compared to the amount on a weed cigarette. It also reveals that a slightly higher dose of THC worsens anxiety. Another study reported that the use of marijuana could worsen people’s health with mental health challenges, like bipolar disorder, psychosis, and others. 

#2 Weed Can Be Used to Manage Chronic Pain 

Marijuana is used medically as a pain reliever. According to the National Academies of Sciences, there is proof to support the use of marijuana in managing chronic pain. They also revealed that it’s good at relieving muscle spasms triggered by multiple sclerosis.   

The study also stated that the drug is effective in managing chemotherapy-triggered nausea and vomiting. Even though studies done by reliable institutions support the use of cannabis for these purposes, make sure you consult your doctor or pharmacist before administering it. 

#3 Choose the Best Dispensary 

Buy from the best dispensary in Los Angeles for safe access and quality weed. Getting your marijuana from a good dispensary ensures secure access to the drug within the confines of the law. When looking for weed shops in Tujunga, be on the lookout for vetted dispensaries. Marijuana may be legal in California, but ensure you purchase from an outlet that understands guidelines and restrictions governing medical and recreational weed use.    

#4 Marijuana May Worsen Heart Problems 

A report in Forensic Science International in 2014 revealed that deaths have direct links to marijuana intoxication, which they found out during autopsies. They found that one of the victims had an undiagnosed heart problem, while the other was into long-term use of drugs and alcohol.

Healthy weed habits

Using cannabis doesn’t constitute a significant (absolute risk is low) threat to cardiovascular health for healthy people. However, researchers advise people at high risk of cardiovascular diseases to desist from using marijuana. 

#5 Don’t Drive After Using Marijuana 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the auto crashes were about 3% higher in states where weed is legal than in states where marijuana isn’t legal from 2012 to 2016. Experts believe that driving under the influence of cannabis is dangerous. However, it’s less risky than driving under the influence of alcohol. In a nutshell, users should avoid driving when under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. 

#6 Marijuana Smoke Presents Health Risks 

After making weed legal for recreational purposes in 2018, the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse issued a guideline to help people use cannabis responsibly. The guidelines urge users to desist from smoking burnt marijuana.   

Even though vaporizers and edibles have their downsides, they still recommend it over smoking. Specifically, this is because smoke (and its content) can destroy the respiratory system. Users should also avoid deep inhalation or breath-holding while smoking to minimize toxic substances that get absorbed into the body. 

#7 The Smaller, the Safer 

Users should significantly monitor the amount of marijuana they take. The more you take, the higher the risk of coming down with side effects. Cannabis has both immediate and long-term risks to your health, hence the need to regulate intake. The Canadian guideline quoted above recommends using weed occasionally. It also advises users to avoid synthetic versions and instead stick to natural cannabis. 


Using marijuana requires a high level of discipline. A good understanding of the benefits and downsides of the drug will help you make ideal health choices. Choosing a good dispensary in Los Angeles is crucial as well. Sun Valley Caregivers dispensaries are open for recreational adult use and medical customers. We’re committed to providing you with safe access and quality cannabis.