Burbank Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Burbank, just northeast of Hollywood, a place known to be the home of various companies involved in the entertainment business is now also located near, to the home a Burbank recreational marijuana dispensary. This Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary is a location in which any legal adult can purchase marijuana for recreational consumption and enjoyment.


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California has a long history of cannabis use dating back to 1795 when it was grown to make rope and hemp. Since that time many laws have passed concerning the flowering plant also known as marijuana. One of which is Proposition 64 which makes the recreational use of marijuana legal. Before this proposition, another called Proposition 19 in 2010 was rejected which would have made legal some uses of marijuana.

What is the legal age to use marijuana?  

In order to purchase from the SVC Dispensary you need to be at least 21 years old, this is due to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act passed in California, also known as proposition 64, in 2016. With this act also came some minor restrictions, such as to only consume marijuana in private residences and prohibits the consumption of marijuana while operating a vehicle or while seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Some of the effects of marijuana use are a state of relaxation, euphoria, increased heart rate, and hunger. Effects vary but generally last around three hours.

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Legality of recreational marijuana dispensaries 

In 2018, in the beginning of the year, it became legal for dispensaries to sell marijuana to adults 21 years of age or older for recreational use in California. The first dispensary opened in California was in 1992 and was called the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club which was opened to and dispensed cannabis to those suffering from autoimmune diseases. Thankfully, with the laws becoming more favorable concerning marijuana dispensaries, those who have medical needs and those that have the desire to try recreational marijuana can try it with ease; one such location, if you are looking for a Burbank Dispensary, is the Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary which is the best dispensary located near Burbank, CA.  Please be sure to abide by all laws regarding the consumption of any cannabis product.

What do you need to know about burbank dispensaries? 

Not all dispensaries are created equal, whenever you buy from a dispensary quality is important.  Not only is quality important, but also the reliability of its customer service, fair pricing, and its varied selection of products.  The result of buying from a dispensary that lacks in these areas would be unpleasant, to say the least. One of the best options available when looking to purchase cannabis products would be to purchase from the Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary, near to Burbank, which holds itself at exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality, customer service, fair pricing, and a large selection of products.  

What quality products are available? 

Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary in Burbank desires to give its customers the best experience.  They have a large selection of quality products such as products that can be vaped, smoked, dabbed, and eaten.  The dispensary backs its products 100% and always has the most current selection available to its customers. Quality is extremely important, and the Sun Valley Caregivers dispensaries have been at it since 2006.

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Who can I ask about products? 

Getting the advice of an expert is important no matter what kind of decision is being made, especially so with any kind of product that you consume. With Sun Valley Caregivers the service that is provided is exceptional, with detailed attention being provided for all customers who enter the location.  The location has employees who have excellent knowledge and expertise that are readily available in case of any questions. Sun Valley Caregivers offer only the finest lab-tested products.