Crescenta Highlands Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Sun Valley Caregivers is open for the members of Crescenta Highlands. Our Dispensarys offers recreational medical weed to the city of Crescenta. We are Sun Valley’s top marijuana store that aims to cater to your medical and recreational needs. Our team can help you pick popular products and find new ones that they think you might enjoy. Stop by for personalized service and the best selection in town.

Sun Valley Caregivers is a recreational California shop now open for Highlands. We are committed to providing you with quality cannabis. Our staff consists of knowledgeable and trained representatives who can help elevate your experience. We offer next-level care and can accomodate all of your curiosities because we strive to exceed your expectations.

A Crescenta Highlands dispensary?

With more and more states legalizing, more and more dispensaries are popping up all over the place. Highlands Park is no exception.

How did they get started?

A great thing about living in the United States is the power to vote. This is something that should be taken advantage of every time there is an election. When a person votes hopefully, they are voting for someone that has the same values and beliefs.

Dispensaries would not be legal if it were not for the power to vote. If the citizens did not vote for the right people and the correct propositions/amendments no dispensaries would exist. It does not matter which state it is, but the idea is still the same across the country. If you want to have less government control and more freedom, one needs to vote for it.

A Republic

People wrongly believe that the United States is a democracy. It is actually a Constitutional Republic. This means we vote for the people who pass the laws. Highlands Park Store would not exist if we did not have this kind of government.


Detail of cannabis buds (scout master strain) on glass jar over wood background - medical marijuana dispensary concept

California or Colorado

Both states have legalized and have given people the freedom to choose. While not everyone agrees what should be legal and what should not be legal, living in this country people can voice their displeasure.

The dispensary

It is not hard to find the stand. Highlands Ranch in Colorado or in California. What matters is that you get a quality product. Recreation time does not have to be productive, but it should be recreational. It cannot be understated, you have to have fun, but be legal when purchasing at the Highlands Shop.


To make a purchase at Highlands Ranch Dispensary, one must follow the state laws. This means that they have to have a California issued state ID. You also have to have the original recommendation to make your purchase.

We make sure to adhere to every new law and regulation. While not everyone may agree with the rules, again the power of the vote is why we do this. If we did not follow the regulations, we would not be able to service our clients.

For you, the customer

The Highlands setup would not be here if it were not for you, the customer. It would be pointless in paying the bills for a building if we are not going to use it. This is not the only reason why we treat our clients well. Highland Ranch Dispensary knows that our clients need to be able to trust that they are getting a quality product. Not just a quality product, but one at a great price. We know there are many choices for a shop in Highland Park, both in and around. We want to earn and keep your trust. And we do this not only by having a high-quality product. And please check for daily deals. They are sure to make you smile.