Granada Hills Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Sun Valley Caregivers is a dispensary located in Granada Hills, California providing recreational, medical cannabis to the community of Granada Hills, CA. We get it medical spot are popping up everywhere, what makes Sun Valley Caregivers the best? Well here’s what, we pride ourselves on quality products, large selections to cover all your needs, and excellent service! We offer only premium medicinal and recreational marijuana to our patients and customers. Sun Valley Caregivers offers the best recreational and medical marijuana, now in your great city! Whether you’re passing through, looking for expert opinions, or a local looking for new products our staff is ready to help.



Quality Products At Granada Hills Dispensary

At Sun Valley Caregivers we are Prop 64 compliant, meaning we follow all regulations under the Bureau of Marijuana Control. Our medical shop products are hand-picked by our knowledgeable and trained team. Our medical cannabis dispensary offers a wide range of items to satisfy everyone’s needs. We offer pre-rolled and edible products — also, vape pens, flowers, oils, dabs and shatter that will exceed your expectations.

Top Quality Cannabis

Quality is also viewed as what a product can do for a customer. At Sun Valley Caregivers, this is what we pride ourselves on, how can our customers benefit from this product? Rather used medically or recreationally. We offer various ways to enjoy cannabis, we can keep it traditional, as well as offer multiple strains and concentrates with our customers in mind.

Large Selections To Cover All Your Needs

Our team can help you choose from popular products and find anything new that you may enjoy.  At Sun Valley Caregivers we carry everything you will need to smoke, dab, vape, or store your cannabis. We offer a full menu of cannabis products to fit every need you may have.  As the ever-changing market continues to change, so does our inventory. It is updated continuously based on the preferences of our local clients. Trust that we will have the latest cannabis products to fit your daily needs.


Excellent Service At Sun Valley Caregivers

While asking yourself about a medical dispensary near me, you should take into account how you will be treated as a patient or client. When you shop at Sun Valley Caregivers, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right strains and products to meet your needs and expectations best.


Medical marijuana buds sitting on white table top next to medical cannabis prescription bottle with lid

Convenience At Our Medical Cannabis Dispensary

At Sun Valley Caregivers we pay particular attention to every customer we encounter, rather walkthroughs, over the phone, or online. We are sure to personalize each visit because we understand each client is different. We at Sun Valley Caregivers educate our customers about cannabis use and other approaches to supplement their current medicines.  With our knowledgeable and trained staff on standby, expect top-notch care and an elevated experience that will exceed your expectations.

A Reliable Shop At Sun Valley Caregivers

We at Sun Valley Caregivers understand how hard it is trying to find a reliable shop with quality products, large selections, excellent customer care, and fair prices. At Sun Valley Caregivers, we provide customers with the greatest, lab tested marijuana products, using us allows countless ways for you to enjoy cannabis. We are sure to stay stocked with the best indica, sativa, and hybrid products on the market for our customer’s convenience. If you are looking for a medical dispensary in the Granada Hills area, look no further we are compliant with state and local laws, have specific knowledge about the industry, and offer the finest and top quality cannabis products. If you narrow down each category, you will see that Sun Valley Caregivers medical store is your number one medical and recreational dispensary servicing the Granada Hills, CA area, don’t just take our word for it, come and visit us to see for yourself.