Mission Hills Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Mission Hills and Marijuana


Mission Hills is a neighborhood in Los Angeles California that is known to be a very  liberal place to live. The neighborhood is predominately made up of homeowners. That is, the majority of the neighborhood owns their homes as opposed to renting, and the neighborhood also happens to be surrounded by a large number of parks. The residential community has a very urban feel and was given an A rating in diversity on community rating platform, Niche.

Recreational Weed in Mission Hills, California

In consideration of Mission Hills’ diversity and liberal majority, weed dispensaries are beginning to open up in the area. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California in November of 2016, marijuana has become a growing (and thriving) industry in the state. Due to this state-wide decision and the nature of the neighborhood, Mission Hills has become an extremely welcome neighborhood to Sun Valley Caregivers, a recreational weed facility in Los Angeles.

Sun Valley Caregivers


Sun Valley Caregivers is both a medical cannabis dispensary as well as a recreational weed store. The establishment has been around for a relatively long time. They’ve been in operation since 2006. Having twelve years worth of experience, Sun Valley Caregivers is no novice when it comes to providing their customers with quality products. They’re pro Proposition 64, which made recreational weed legal for people over the age of 21 in California, which means they will protect people standing up for their freedom to buy consumables of their choice.


Sun Valley Caregivers offers a variety of options for a variety of purposes. Both recreational and medical purposes, for dogs, humans, or just information on different cannabis products. Their website has a lot of information on the services they provide as well as blog posts regarding marijuana.

All recreational weed and medical weed is handled by workers with an impressive amount of knowledge on the products being sold. Sun Valley Caregivers doesn’t slack when it comes to hiring people of appropriate aptitude to handle their cannabis. As previously stated, Sun Valley Caregivers has been around since 2006, and knows how to hire a competent array of individuals to take care of their products. The people taking care of SVC products are not hired without caution. They know what they’re talking about and what they’re selling.

The cannabis distributed by SVC is also organic and clean. They assure their recreational and medical marijuana to be of a higher quality than their competitors. They have a wide variety of different strains and mediums to try. From smoking to edibles, they offer many different marijuana products to choose from. Their mission is to help customers improve their lives with the use of their cannabis.

Sun Valley Caregivers also has a long list of brands they sell and have dedicated a section of their website to the brands provided. An interested consumer can peruse what options are available for them and choose from their favorite brands as well.

Another cool thing about Sun Valley Caregivers is that they also offer options for dogs and cats. Some animals with chronic illnesses, ranging from muscle spasms to anxiety can also benefit from SVC products, making this a good option for pets that haven’t benefited from conventional medical treatment. Sun Valley Caregivers’ website has a section explaining further the options they provide for pets and animals.

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Additionally, their website also includes a blog section. This section is flooded with updates on cannabis products, the best strains, changes in marijuana law, changes within their own company and more. Sun Valley Caregivers is efficient in keeping their customers or persons of interest informed on day to day changes in the cannabis industry.

Sun Valley Caregivers, in general, is a dispensary with a variety of customers, products, locations, and should be a considered option for any cannabis connoisseur.