North Hills Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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North Hills Community


North Hills is a community in San Fernando, California. The place is rather urban and happens to be a liberal part of Los Angeles. Most people rent their homes, as the most prominent residents are of a younger generation. The people who reside in North Hills tend to be of a persuasion that is not conservative, but open to free thinking and tolerable of new and pending ideas. North Hills is also abundant in its coffee shops and public venues.

Marijuana Dispensaries

North Hills has its fair share of recreational and medical weed dispensaries. Due to the changes in California recreational weed laws as of November 2016, recreational marijuana has been made legal in the state and more dispensaries are on the rise. In North Hills there are a number of weed dispensaries throughout the area for cannabis connoisseurs to consider.

Sun Valley Caregivers


Sun Valley Caregivers, being one of the dispensaries open to the North Hills neighborhood, operates in Los Angeles, California and is, according to their website,

“Sun Valley’s top marijuana dispensary.” They’ve been open for around twelve years and are a growing chain throughout the area. SVC aims to exceed expectations as a medical marijuana caregiver, while also offering options for recreational cannabis consumers, and even pets.

Services Offered

Sun Valley Caregivers does not just provide a customer with cannabis, but takes into consideration their customers as well as their employees. SVC not only understands people these days are not only looking for a weed store, but a shop that they can trust, and Sun Valley Caregivers offers just that. The employees they hire are trained professionals. They don’t just take anyone in. Their workers are knowledgeable and hold a certain expertise in whatever they intend to sell, making Sun Valley Caregivers one of the more reliable dispensaries in the area.

Furthermore, the product their employees sell are not of little value. They offer organic weed and ensure the quality of cannabis to be great. They do not allow for mediocrity when it comes to a strain of marijuana they are putting on the shelf. In addition, the amount of strains they have varies greatly and allows for many different options.

Sun Valley Caregivers holds an extensive array of different brands and trademark weed companies to choose from as well. All brands offered are displayed in a section on their website. In turn, making it so that anyone can decide what brand they’re looking for. Be it something new or something old, marijuana buyers can find brands they like through Sun Valley Caregivers.


Rolling a joint out of marijuana and tobacco (Selective Focus, Focus on the front of the marijuana flower on the left and on the marijuana in the joint on the right)


After all, SVC supports Proposition 64, which was the proposition that made the use of recreational weed legal in the state of California. Therefore, Sun Valley Caregivers is open to people no matter what their case. The purposes for using weed bought from Sun Valley Caregivers is insurmountable.   

Sun Valley Caregivers even offers options for pets. Perfect for a cat or dog who’s yet to respond to mainstream treatment, more information about the medical veterinary purposes of SVC products can be found on their website.

SVC brings customers updates on their website regarding these sorts of things. With their blog section, they display things that have to do with strains of marijuana that are evolving or growing to legal disputes regarding cannabis. SVC gives more than just weed, but valuable information regarding customers concerns, questions, and overall shopping experience.

North Hills dispensary is no different than all other Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensaries, laying out a multitude of products for a variety of different purposes.