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Sun Valley Caregivers is Palmdale, CA most premiere medical and recreational weed dispensary servicing Palmdale’s community and tourist. At Sun Valley Caregivers we are committed to providing quality cannabis. We also offer vast selections, excellent service, and precise knowledge!  We are sure to offer quality products from vape pens to flowers, medical cannabis oil, and other items of the highest quality. SVC 11000 is also prop 64 compliant making us a legal dispensary, yes, recreational weed is legal! Who knew? We love servicing many counties in Southern California, if you are in search of a medical dispensary near me, look no further you’ve found it!

What Sets Sun Valley Caregivers Apart

Sun Valley Caregivers was established in 2006 open for recreational and medical customers. As a medical cannabis dispensary, we are committed to providing our customers with safe access and quality cannabis. We love to educate our new and current customers about the products they are using and interested in trying. Whether you are in need of cannabis, rolling papers, or accessories, we are here to offer expertise on our extensive range of products for you!

Large Selections From Us

SVC medical cannabis dispensaries pride ourselves on our ever-changing inventory. As the market changes, so does our products. Allowing you the assurance that we are continually updating our inventory based on the market and our communities preferences bring us joy.

Excellent Service You Cannot Beat

While asking yourself about a medical dispensary near me, you should take into account how you will be treated as a patient or client when walking through a dispensaries door.  We pay particular attention to everyone who walks through the doors of Sun Valley Caregivers. When you shop at Sun Valley Caregivers, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right strains and products to meet your needs and expectations best.

What We Sell At Sun Valley Caregivers

Whether you are in search of edible or pre-rolled products, Sun Valley Caregivers has you covered. We sell vape pens, flowers, cannabis oils, and other items that will exceed your expectations. We know there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, but if you are into the traditional route, we offer plenty of cannabis strains and concentrates including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids.

What Are Vape Pens And Flowers

Cannabis vaporization is growing in popularity amongst individuals interested in consuming cannabis in a discreet, easy manner. This method is also viewed as healthier than traditional smoking. Flower and flowers can be vaporized using various devices. The manufacturing of multiple heating levels on vape pens is allowing you the consumer to control the intensity of your vapor: low, medium, and high!

What Are Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oil cartridges are an alternative to other forms of consuming marijuana. The growing popularity is only increasing due to how easy they are to use offering much convenience and availability to the new and seasoned users alike.

Not all cartridges are created the same. There are multiple variations including dabbing nail, and manual portable vapors that require self-loading. Opting for pre-filled oil cartridges does not require such. There’s nothing to do other than insert the cartridge, press the activation button or breath on the mouthpiece of your vape pen.

Marijuana cartridges also make selecting the right dosage easy. This is an excellent option for medical cannabis oil. The consumer can adjust the exposure and time of the pen to regulate how much should be taken in.


Green Fresh Marijuana Leaf with Seven Tips


Different Types Of Oil Cartridges

Of course, there are different cartridges, and not all of them are made equally! Sun Valley Caregivers offer a variety of Cartridges to meet the needs of our customers, no matter the occasion or tolerance. Need help, be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members!


The distillate is a refined oil containing mostly cannabinoids. Distillates can be produced using a variety of materials. Because of the way distillates are extracted, additives are needed to “cut” the pot.


High-grade CO2 cartridges do not require additives to thin or thicken CBD Oil.

Finding A Reliable Cannabis Dispensary Near You

At Sun Valley Caregivers, we understand how hard it is to find and form a continued relationship with a consistent, reliable shop, offering great prices, excellent service, and knowledge. When narrowing down your must-haves, we guarantee Sun Valley Caregivers will be your top Palmdale dispensary servicing your community. Come by and give us a visit, you won’t be disappointed!