Saugus Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Saugus, California, and Marijuana

Saugus Californian Society

Saugus is a neighborhood in Santa Clarita, California. The neighborhood has a high rating on real estate review website, Niche. The place is known to primarily house families and young professionals. The suburb has an open-minded, genuine sense of belonging and a numerous amount of parks throughout the area.

Marijuana Law

In November of 2016, the majority of California’s public voted yes on Proposition 64, making the use of recreational marijuana legal in the state of California. Some people were enthralled, others outraged, but no matter what, laws regarding America’s stance on recreational marijuana have been gradually changing throughout the last few decades, and in Saugus, Santa Clarita, California, the changes are commonly allowing for more dispensaries to open their doors

Saugus Dispensaries

As the legalization of marijuana spreads, more and more dispensaries are appearing in California, and the amount of people beginning to take advantage of a new legalized field of work can be difficult to navigate at first. There is such a large range of options to choose from in an industry that has, in recent years, just become legally popularized. However, when it comes to marijuana dispensaries, the Santa Clarita and Saugus area have a few that stand out. Just one reliable Saugus dispensary that offers high quality cannabis is Sun Valley Caregivers.

Sun Valley Caregivers


Sun Valley Caregivers is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary selling a variety of different cannabis products. Established in 2006, before California’s legalization of recreational marijuana use, SVC is a company that knows what they’re doing. Sun Valley Caregivers holds its headquarters in Los Angeles and gives people a place to reach out to even in neighborhoods where it may not seem likely to find a reliable dispensary. Like Saugus, for example, a neighborhood that has a reputation for families and homeowners, Sun Valley Caregivers gives people from this kind of neighborhood an opportunity to buy marijuana products.

Sun Valley Caregivers Services

SVC is a dispensary in LA with an impressive range in its products. As stated above, the dispensary offers marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. They offer products from a wide variety of brands, in different strains and mediums. According to their website, they offer “vape pens, oils, dabs,” as well as traditional methods of cannabis consumption such as smoking and edibles. The company is also sponsored by many marijuana brands, all of which can be found on their website’s directory.

Marijuana and a gavel together for many legal concepts on the drug.

Having been around for twelve years, the company is far from infantile and understands how to properly manage its product. They are not only concerned with providing a customer with cannabis, but providing a customer with high-quality cannabis. SVC ensures the grade of their marijuana to be stellar. Clean and fresh, the products offered by Sun Valley Caregivers are looked over by trained representatives and priced reasonably.

Furthermore, their product is not exclusively meant for human consumption. SVC offers medical treatment options for dogs and cats alike. These treatments have been shown to successfully manage things from muscle spasms to anxiety in animals, and are definitely a viable option for a sick pet that has found no conventional treatment has worked in healing or managing their symptoms in the past.

Another great feature of Sun Valley Caregivers is that they run their own blog posts. Giving updates on cannabis deals, legal proceedings, tips and testimonials all with the purpose of providing their customers with more information.

People looking to buy cannabis products in Saugus, Santa Clarita, California should consider Sun Valley Caregivers as one of the best options when it comes to finding a high quality Saugus dispensary.