Why You Should Buy From a Proposition 64 Friendly Dispensary

California voters passed the ballot backed Proposition 64 which legalized recreational marijuana in the state. This has made it legal for consumers who are over the age of twenty-one to buy marijuana from local licensed dispensaries. It hasn’t however ended the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries nor has it ended the illegal sale of marijuana from dealers in California. Many people who are still enjoying these options for purchasing marijuana are reluctant to switch. Many are wondering why they even should. Here we will make the argument that the best place to buy your marijuana is from a Proposition 64 friendly Dispensary.

Why Not Medical? California has many medical marijuana dispensaries. Some of them are even in the process of converting from strictly medical cannabis providers to medical and recreational cannabis providers. While going to a medical marijuana dispensary is a good idea if you want to treat a condition like chronic pain or nausea, it’s not really the place for those looking to just get something to smoke and enjoy. If you think that your marijuana needs are a hybrid between medical and recreational, there are prop 64 friendly dispensaries┬álike Sun Valley Caregivers which offer both medical and recreational cannabis.

What About A Dealer? Of course for many people without medical cards who enjoyed cannabis before it became legal recreationally, engaging in the use of a dealer was necessary. Many people who have enjoyed cannabis for years may have enjoyed the use of a dealer for many years as well. They may be loathe to give this relationship up and wonder why they have to or rather why they should, especially considering these new pot taxes. However, buying marijuana through a proposition 64 friendly dispensary allows you to ensure its quality and more importantly it’s safety. Marijuana from an officially licensed dispensary has to go through a rigorous testing and compliance process to comply with the state’s Cannabis Control Commission. This means that marijuana from a local dispensary can be assured to be safe to use which can’t always be said about marijuana that comes off the street. There have been cases of drug dealers selling marijuana that is laced with harmful chemicals either from pesticides used on the cannabis crop or from drug lacing. All of these risks can be mitigated through buying your marijuana from a local dispensary.